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for Surfside Commission 2020

"As an experienced entrepreneur, I want to use my skill set to help Surfside provide better and more efficient services to its residents. As a husband and father, I want to play a role in maintaining Surfside's beauty and charm so that my family continues to enjoy everything that this amazing town has to offer."

Born in South Florida, Ben grew up in Chicago and attended college in New York. After meeting his wife, Marissa, in New York City and convincing her that South Florida was the only place to live and raise a family, he returned home in 2016 and has been loving Surfside-life ever since. As a young entrepreneur, Ben owns an IT services company, as well as a loyalty concierge company. In addition, he is very involved with local philanthropy and is part of the foundation of both Mount Sinai and Joe DiMaggio Children’s hospital, where his son, Natan, was born. Ben's love of Surfside, coupled with his background in technology and private client services, will be a great asset to this town and its residents. He is truly committed to helping this unique town continue to flourish and hopes that you will give him the opportunity to do so as Commissioner.

Ben Jacobson


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As residents our voices are stronger as one. As candidates we share a core set of values and vision for Surfside. We have allied ourselves together in this race in an effort to createa commission with a strong unified voice. A commission focused on promoting what’s important to all of us; family, safety, prosperity, and the welfare of the residents in Surfside.

Lengthly, arduous town hall meeting that often last till early morning hours deter most of the residents from attending and having their voices heard. The current town commission base their decisions on the input of the few who manage to attend the commission meetings. Important agenda items are often decided upon in the late hours of the night, when most of the attending residents have already left.

Limiting the timeframe of these meetings is imperative if we want community attendance. In addition, we will push this town to implement an online portal, to provide an alternative for ALL the residents to securely log in and weigh in on topics relating to their town. This will allow the commission to make decisions representing the will of all the people in Surfside.

As a residens and homeowners, we have all experienced the frustration of dealing with the bureaucracy of the City Hall. Many residents have issues or concerns that they find impossible to have addressed or recognized.

If elected to commission, we will push for a new innovative program to have resident's concerns addressed by the elected officials and town employees. We propose to gather the elected officials, town manager, and all town department heads in chambers, and be available for short, one-on-one meetings with individual residents.

Because all relevant and party's responsible for town management will be present, items will be able to be addressed on the spot, or be recorded for follow up by the elected commissioners.

This commission has been going after low-hanging fruit, and pushing their personal agendas on town residents with unnecessary and sometimes unconstitutional bans. This commission has been spending OUR money with frivolous lawsuits brought about by their own personal agendas. They have spent much of our tax dollars in the pursuit of personal and political agendas which do not benefit the residents and the town as a whole.

This money should be used for the benefit of the residents. Figuring a way to lower the millage rate, decrease taxes, updating 96th St Park, enhancing the lifestyle of the residents - these are but a few priorities that need to focused on as we move forward. As candidates, it is our position that a commission needs to be focused on improving the everyday lives of the residents by focusing on issues that matter to us all!

FPL infrastructure in this town is atrocious! We have frequent power outages, exploding transformers, and poles that look like they are about collapse. The mess of wires and extra poles are eyesores throughout the town.

FPL adds an “infrastructure” cost to their customer’s monthly bills. These cost are usually more than half the bill’s total. We, the residents of Surfside, are paying an estimated $3.8 million annually towards FPL infrastructure. Obviously, we are not getting our money's worth!

We need a strong commission, who is not afraid to go after FPL and hold them accountable to fix our electrical infrastructure. Our current commission has dropped the ball on this issue. Instead of spending tax money fighting the State for the ability to ban plastic bags, we believe this money would be better spent solving these real town issues!

For the resident out and about on the streets of Surfside, safety for ourselves, our children, and the elderly has become an issue of growing distress. Be it your concern regarding walkability, night lighting, or cut-through traffic, we all feel these issues need to be addressed.

Whether the solution is some form of gating or changing directional traffic patterns throughout the town, the current commission hasn't had the political fortitude to see a solution through. As commissioners, our priority will be to ensure these issues are addressed. We will leave no stone unturned as we pursue a solution to secure the safety of our children.

The secret of Surfside is out! People from all over the globe are moving here to this amazing town in order to create a better future for their families. As the families grow and flourish here, so does the community and neighborhood. 

With change comes resistance. There are those residents who want the neighborhood to halt all growth in an effort to maintain the small town appeal. But with progress comes growth, and for the benefit of all, we need to find a balance that allows for continued prosperity, without losing the charm this town offers.


I would love to hear your ideas and share some of mine. I hope to see you at my next event.

4:00 - 6:00 PM

Candidate Meet & Greet BBQ

Come by for a cold drink and a bun with some of the 2020 Surfside Commission candidates. We want to hear from you, your concerns, your questions, and your feedback. Children's entertainment, so bring your kids!
Looking forward to meeting you in person.

Location: Corner of 94th St & Carlyle Ave


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Town of Surfside Elections
MARCH 17, 2020


The battle for the future of Surfside depends on your support!

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